Industrial Hygiene in Hue

Welcome to the website of Clean Space Industrial Cleaning Service Company Limited. Clean Space is the leading company in the field of industrial cleaning services in Hue, and neighboring provinces …


Clean Space pioneered the application of Sanitation Services with the latest solutions in the field of industrial hygiene.

Our company operates in the following areas:

Industrial hygiene :

– Daily housekeeping service

– One-time cleaning service

– Insect control service

Cleaning training service

– And some on-demand services

Shipping services :

– Pack moving house, moving office professionally.

– Packing goods according to International standards.

– Loading and unloading, lifting and transporting.

– Rental trucks of all kinds from 0.5 tons to 15 tons. container 20 ″ to 40 ″.

– Agent forwarding, distribution, domestic transport.

Tree service (care and design):

– Water the green plants daily.

– Fertilizing periodically for green plants to grow well.

– Weeding weeds to make plants grow well and beautiful.

– Cut grass, prune green branches, prune leaves, etc.

– Sweep and collect fallen leaves, yard waste, …

– Spraying and preventing insecticide for green trees, …

Clean Space we commit:

1. Train and train a skilled staff.

2. Supplying and using modern specialized equipment and chemicals.

3. Applying a quality management system according to international standards in industrial hygiene services.

4. Providing optimal solutions that suit customers’ requirements and business characteristics with the most reasonable prices.

5. Satisfying customers’ diverse needs.

6. Best quality service, fastest time.

7. Contribute to creating a beautiful living and working environment.

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Clean Space Service Company Limited

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Hotline: 0932.572.499


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